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  Name Category Color Part #
Bird by L.E. Smith Miscellaneous Blue 8888
Slag Bird by L.E. Smith Miscellaneous Org/Slag 8888
12 Inch Cornucopia Horn of Plenty Miscellaneous Amethyst 1235




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Beauty is the Glass By Viking Miscellaneous Grey 8888
Epic 12 Inch Gardenia bowl Miscellaneous Bluenique 1442
Northwood - Wide Panel Epernge Miscellaneous Blue Opal 8888
Fire King Game Birds Creamer & Sugar Miscellaneous Milk glass 8888
Large Frog 4 inch Miscellaneous Amber 8888
Beauty is the Glass Miscellaneous blue 8888
Beauty is Glass by Viking Book Miscellaneous Grey 8888
1977-78 Viking Catalog Miscellaneous 8888
Pilgrim Display Sign Miscellaneous White 8888
Viking Glass Etched Logo Paperweight Miscellaneous Crystal 0000
Morgantown Sharon Flowerlite Miscellaneous Peacock Blue 9922
Morgantown Baron Candleholders Miscellaneous Peacock Blue 9935
Rainbow 6 Inch Cat Miscellaneous Cobalt 801
Small Shell Tray from Late Fifties Miscellaneous Spring Green 1304
Crystal Glass 14 Inch Punch Bowl Ladle Miscellaneous Crystal 1047
Salad Set 6 Inch Bowl Miscellaneous Avocado 7935
Princess Crystal 6.6 Inch Relish Tray Miscellaneous Crystal 0000
Formal Classics 7 Inch Salad Bowl Miscellaneous Ebony Black 8025
Formal Classic 14 Miscellaneous Ebony Black Silver Overlay 707
Formal Classic 6.75 Inch Bowl Miscellaneous Ebony Black 8025
Pilgrim Clear 5 Inch Apple Miscellaneous Crystal 0000
Heisey 5.5 Inch Rabbit Miscellaneous Ruby 0000
Heisey 3 Inch Baby Rabbit Miscellaneous Ruby 0000
Polar Bear on Ice Flow Miscellaneous Crystal 611
Dugan Corn Vase Miscellaneous Blue Opalescent 0000
Heinz Vinegar Display Barrel - Dalzell Viking Miscellaneous Crystal Satin 0000
Northwood Leaf Chalice Miscellaneous Mosiac 0000
12 Point Flower Head Glimmer Miscellaneous Pink 0000
Cabbage Salad Bowl Miscellaneous Verde Satin 7509
3 Faced Humidor Miscellaneous Crystal 0000
Cabbage Salad Bowl Miscellaneous Yellow 7509
Cabbage Salad Bowl Miscellaneous Crystal 7509
Small Shell Tray Miscellaneous Amethyst 1304
10.5 Inch Relish Tray Unkown Pattern Miscellaneous Peach 1001
Unkown - 9.5 Inch Split Pitcher Miscellaneous Lavender 0000
Heart Shaped Stemmed Bowl Miscellaneous EmeraldGreen 0000
Heart Shaped Stemmed Bowl Miscellaneous Teaberry 0000


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