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Your Best Source of Information on Viking Glass is dedicated to research and documenting Viking Glass produced from 1944 to 1996 and beyond. There are over 1600 items shown in the Glass Gallery. No other book or periodical covers Viking Glass as thoroughly as this website. New items are added weekly.

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Research is being done on a daily basis from old Viking Glass Factory Catalogs, interviews with those associated with Viking Glass and delving into rare information sources. As I complete various areas of research it is immediately posted on the web site as an article. The website includes dozens of articles on rare and unusual Viking Art Glass items. These articles are priceless to the Viking Glass collector or historian.




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Your investment in a membership will pay off quickly as you purchase rare Viking pieces and know their current value. Prices are downloaded weekly from internet sources. Current pricing from many large antique shops and internet web stores are added regularly. Keep informed as rare items increase in value while you enjoy the beauty of the art displayed in your home.

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You will be joining a network of Viking Collectors who share your love for this very special Art Glass. You will be kept informed as more and more people collect and share there findings. Many glass dealers find this information priceless.

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