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Viking Glass - History of the #1322 Epic Cat

by Preston Ver Meer

An advertisement in the May, 1964 issue of House and Garden Magazine put it like this.

Prettiest Pets your home ever had in beautiful Viking Glass.
Puppy or Penguin any member of this adorable menagerie adds novel beauty
to your home. Styled in the sparkling loveliness of hand made Viking Glass. A delightfully different gift. Your choice of lustrous Viking colors, at sensible Viking prices.”

The 1964 Viking Catalog showed the #1322 - 8 Inch Epic Cat on page 6 in Bluenique. The Cat was listed in the Viking Price List in colors Avocado (Green), Bluenique, Honey (Amber), Persimmon and Ruby. All but the Ruby sold for $5.00, Ruby was $6.00.





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The 1965 Viking Catalog was only a 4 page Supplement to the 1964 Catalog, it did not include pictures of any old items listed in the 1964 Catalog, it only showed new items.

The Bluenique Cat is the 2nd most Elusive of the Cats

The Ruby Epic Cat has only shown up on Ebay a few times in the last 5 years. The Bluenique Epic Cat is not far behind as one rarely sees it show up on Ebay. I have Never seen a Bluenique or Ruby Cat at an Antique Store or Auction. I am not calling any of them Rare but these two are hard to come by for as old as they are.

These Cats are about 8.5 Inches tall and the Base is 2.75 Inches Across. Three Toes are visible on each foot.

The 1966 – 1967 Viking Catalog showed the Epic Cat in Avocado on page 6 along with the other animals produced at that time.

The Avocado Cat is Third in line for being elusive and not seen as often as the Amber and Persimmon Cats

The 1968 – 1969 Viking Catalog had dropped the Epic Cat and Dog. The #1322 Epic Cat and Dog were out of the line and were only made in these listed colors.

For years the molds lay in storage until Viking closed its doors in July of 1986. The company was managed and stayed open but no Catalogs came out until the Company became Dalzell/Viking.

The Amber Cat was one of the original colors and was in line since 1964.

It must have been a very popular kitten at the time because it is one of the most common colors available today.

No one knows how often these Cats made their "Turn" from the mold room but Persimmon and Amber must have been there the most. Because they show up the most they sell for less money BUT! Amber colors are making a strong comeback so beware.

This Amber Cat may be a Sleeper!

As more information is compiled on these older Glass Animals I am sure there value will increase!

Persimmon is in the same class as Amber and was one of the original colors.

Seen quite often on Ebay and at Shows and Shops. This color is also the one that comes in a variety of colors from Yellowish to Orange to Dark Orange. I do not seperate the different colors. I lump them all under Persimmon.


In 1974 Viking began making more items in Brown Colored Glass. The Epic Dog was made in Brown and I have never seen it in a later Catalog so I do not know for sure when they were made.


Dalzell/Viking Brings Back Some Of The Old Animal Molds in 1991 in Crystal and Classic Black!

The 1991 Dalzell/Viking Catalog made a big splash across 2 pages showing old New Martinsville and Viking Glass Animal molds brought back in Crystal and Classic Black. The Crystal Cat #1322 was shown in the 1991 Catalog along with the Viking Epic #1323 Dog.

Some have Dalzell etched on the bottom but not all of them were marked. They were listed in the 1991 Dalzell Price List for $20 each. They were still shown in the last 1995 Dalzell/Viking price list in 1995.

Very few of These Black Cats Have Sold On Ebay!

Crystal and Black Epic Cats were in the
Dalzell/Viking Catalog for 4 or more years.

No one knows how many turns were made so numbers are unknown.

CONCLUSION: I hunt Viking Glass daily and it took me 10 years to find 3 Ruby Red Cats. To me that is a "long time no see" and a scarce item. There will be a day soon when putting a full set of these Epic Cat Animals together will take a substancial amount of time and money. We are fortunate to be on the lead edge.

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