"Viking Glass 5.5 Inch #7701 Leaf Covered Candy"
by Preston Ver Meer

This is the Third Leaf Covered Candy Bowl made by Viking in the Mid and Late 1970's.

I have already written about 2 larger Leaf Covered Candy Dishes and here is the Third. It is the smallest of the three Covered Candy Dishes being only 5.5 inches wide and 5 inches Tall and 4.5 inches across the inside. In the 1976 – 1977 Viking Catalog when Viking introduced 26 different items in the Crystal Satin Leaf this little Covered Candy was not present. This small Covered Candy was not shown anywhere until 1977.

Viking used the “Satin or Frost” look on many items over the years. I was told that by using acid to Satinize or Frost and item they could cover up defects in the glass and sell the item as perfect.

The 1977 – 1978 Viking Catalog showed the first photo of this small Leaf Candy Bowl in Persimmon on Page 3. All the other pieces were of the “Leaf” pattern numbered in the 7600’s, this Bowl was a late arrival evidently.

Notice the different look with the Satin Bowl on the Left and the Plain Finished Bowl above.

Shown in the November 11, 1976 Viking Price List this Covered Candy was shown made in all 6 colors, Green, Blue, Amber, Orange, Brown and Crystal. These were all selling for $9.00.

There were no bowls other than Crystal shown with the Satin Leaves. This Crystal Satin Leaf Covered Candy shown on the Right was listed separately in the Price List under Crystal Satin selling for $13.50.

The April 1, 1977 Viking Price List had all the same items listed all selling for $9.00 and Crystal Satin now $13.50.

The Leaf Design on this Covered Candy is very different from the Leaf design on the other pieces in the "Leaf" series.

The Leaf design on this small Covered Candy is very different from the “Leaf” pattern released in 1976. Instead of the plain edge on the 1976 Leaf this Leaf has a more waved Maple Leaf look. The top knob has 4 little leaves coming up the sides. The 1976 Bowl knob almost looks like a cabbage head, hence the name “Cabbage Leaf” that some people call the pattern.

I have never seen a Brown 6 Inch Leaf Covered Candy with Satin leaves.

In the other “Leaf” articles, I have on the website; I talk about “Stippling”. Some of these Covered Candy Bowls have the lids and the side leaves with a Satin or Frosted Finish. It is a different texture than the “Stippling” on the larger bowls. It is still an added process that takes more work and adds to the value and look of the piece.

Look at the difference between this Plain Crystal Leaf Covered Candy on the Left and the one with Satin Leaves above.

The Satin Finished items sold for more money.

The 1977 – 1978 Viking Catalogs had a 2 – page spread of Crystal Satin “Leaf” items on pages 10 and 11. This Covered Candy Bowl was included. I am sure prices were higher than the early 1977 Prices.

The 1978 – 1979 Viking Catalog showed the Brown 6 Inch Leaf Covered Candy twice on pages 4 and 5 along with the Green colored one. None of these had the Satin Finished Leaves. The Crystal Satin Covered Candy was again showed on page 17 of this Viking Catalog. The plain (No Satin Frost Finish) Crystal Covered Candy (Above) was shown with the “Leaf Crystal” items on page 18.

Charcoal Blue and Bluenique were shown together in this Viking Catalog. I think the Charcoal Blue colored items are very limited!

The Brown Covered Leaf Candy Bowl was again shown on page 15 with no Satin finish. It was in this 1979 – 1980 Viking Catalog that the Charcoal Blue color appeared along with the Bluenique color.

It is too early in the Viking Collecting game to know which of these two Blue colored bowls is the most scarce. I believe Viking has a special pour of the Charcoal Blue colors and it may be hard to come by.

BUT! On the other hand if they used Charcoal Blue for their Blue color during that time the Bluenique pieces made during this period may be very scarce!

We are not going to find out the answer to this enigma until more time passes. There are very few items in the Viking Line that you can find in both Charcoal Blue and Bluenique.

On the website I have most of the Charcoal Blue items, made by Viking, priced higher. For the most part when I sell or see others sell the Charcoal Blue items they usually bring more money at this time.

The 1979 – 1980 Viking Catalogs had a very large selection of new “Satin Finished” items.

The #7701 Leaf Covered Candy Bowl was again shown on page 10 with a dozen Crystal Satin Leaf items. The bottom of page 10 showed the first colored Leaf Satin Covered Bowls by showing the Amber and Green Leaf Bowl with Satin Finished leaves.

The 1980 -1981 Viking Catalogs introduced the "Spring Blossom" look with Spring Blue, Spring Green and Pink Satin colors.

Pages 10 and 11 of the 1980 – 1981 Viking Catalogs had over 30 different items from different molds shown in Pink Frost and Spring Blue and Spring Green colors. The #7701 Leaf covered Candy was shown on page 10 in Pink Satin.

6 different colors Listed under Frosted or Satin finished items in 1980 - 1981.

More Satin colors were made introduced in the Price List. The 1980 – 1981 Price list had the #7701 listed in Crystal Satin for $17.50, in Pink Frost, Blue Frost, Green Frost, Yellow Frost, and Lilac Frost all selling for $17.50 each.

The Spring Blue, Spring Green, Yellow Satin Frost and Lilac Frost were not shown in the Catalogs until 1981 - 1982.

The Crystal Satin Frost was shown again on page 12 of the 1980 -1981 Viking Catalog. Pages 14 and 15 showed photos of the Crystal, Brown and Bluenique #7701 Leaf Covered Candies but they did not have Satinized leaves. Pages 16 and 17 of the same Catalog showed photos of the Amber, Persimmon and Avocado Bowls and again no Satinized leaves. No Ruby was ever shown or listed in the Price List. The 1980 - 1981 Price also listed the #7701 regular colors of Green, Brown, Amber, Orange, Bluenique and Crystal all selling for $12.95.

The 1981 – 1982 Viking Catalogs showed the #7701 Leaf Covered Candy in the 6 Satin Frost colors on pages 2 and 3.

I have no clue why Viking would call one color Pink Frost and the next color Crystal Satin. But all the Colored Colors were called Frost at this time. You will notice on the website I often refer to pieces a “Satin Frost”.

The 1982 Viking Catalogs only show the Crystal Satin #7701 on page 4. All other items in this number were dropped from the Catalogs. The January 1, 1982 Viking Price List had 6 Satin Frosted items all selling for $12.00 each.

The Lilac Frost covered Candy was only show in the 1981 - 1982 Viking Catalogs.

This Lilac Frosted Leaf Covered Candy Bowl in my eyes is a very high class piece of Art glass. The color mix with the Satin Leaves is the most striking of all the different colored Leaf Bowls.

With it's very low recognition and time space in the Viking Catalogs I think this bowl is not only one of the prettiest but also one of the scarcest.

The Crystal Frost got the most recognition in the Viking Catalogs.

I added this Amber Frosted bowl to the Gallery. It was one of the original colors.

The 1984 - 1985 Viking Catalog introduced the "Peach" color and the #7701 Leaf Candy Bowl in Peach Satin was shown on page 4..

This was the last reference to the #7701 Leaf Covered Candy bowl.

The January 1, 1984 Viking Price List still listed the Crystal Satin, Lilac Frost, Pink Frost and Peach Frost all selling for $15 each.

Conclusion: This article wraps up the Three Article Series on the "Leaf" Covered Candy Bowls. You can see from the articles there are a variety of examples to choose from. Some of these bowls are going to be very scarce and some will be more easily to find. I am betting no matter what your favorite pieces are they will be a sound investment and add plenty of conversation to your home decor. The Satin colors in 1980 -1981 are already a good investment and were sold for more money back then. I am betting These are Sleepers!

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