"Viking Glass Paneled Window #7650 - 12 Inch Oil Lamp Introduced in 1976"
by Preston Ver Meer

Viking introduced the #7650 12 Inch Oil Lamp on page 11 of the 1976 – 1977 Viking Catalogs. They were shown in a small 3 inch by 4 inch photo mixed in with 12 other photos of Candle Glimmers Viking was selling at that time. The photo showed the colors Avocado (Green), Brown, Ruby, Crystal, Bluenique and Amber. Viking listed it in the Catalog as an 11 Inch Oil lamp. I named it the Paneled Window for inventory and it works for me.

These are awesome looking Lamps with all the parts to light up a room. The Tank and Wick assembly stand 6 inches Tall and are 5 inches in diameter. The Tank has a 3.25 Inch Collared Base. The Globe is 7.5 Inches Tall and sits on a 3 inch tube base that slides inside the Assembly Prongs. They stand 12.5 Inches Tall not 11 Inches like Viking had in their Catalog.

The November 11, 1976 Viking Price List has the colors listed as Green, Blue, Amber, (No Persimmon), Brown and Crystal.

The Prices were listed under the Candle and Lamps heading and they were selling for $15.00 for regular colors and $17.50 for the Ruby color.

The 1977 – 1978 Viking Catalogs only showed the Amber Oil Lamp, on the Left, on page 27 with all their other Glimmers available at that time.

For some reason or another Viking did not have the #7650 Oil Lamp listed with the Glimmer in the November 11, 1977 Price List. I have to believe there were very few of these made. More than likely only one “turn” in each color.

The Avocado (Green) Oil Lamp (on the Right) was only shown in the 1976 – 1977 Viking Catalogs. This is the only Catalog that shows all these colors together.

The 1978 – 1979 Viking Catalogs did not show any of the #7650 Oil Lamps. This would leave one to believe this was a very short production and my thought of only pouring one “turn” is probably pretty close to what happened. A few years ago, when one of these Scarce Oil Lamps in Ruby popped up on Ebay, they sold for well over $100 each. I am thoroughly convinced the number of these Oil Lamps available today is less than 100 in any given color. I still have not seen the Bluenique or Crystal. Viking did not show the Oil Lamp made in Persimmon (Orange) but you can see I have the Persimmon Base with a foreign top.

The 1979 – 1980 Viking Catalogs introduced a number of their Glimmers with what they called “Satin Finnish”.

This #7650 Oil Lamp was in a small photo in Yellow Satin, Crystal and Crystal Satin on page 27 with other Glimmers. There was no special reference to the Oil Lamp anywhere else in the Catalogs.

The 1979 – 1980 Viking Price List showed colors offered at that time as Amber, Crystal, Ruby, Yellow Satin and Crystal Satin. The Yellow Satin is a Vaseline Yellow and it Glows under Black Light. The Amber was selling for $13.50 and all the rest of the Satin Colors and Ruby were selling for $15.50.

The photo in the Catalogs that showed this Yellow Satin Oil Lamp has a Oil Lamp next to it that looks almost like a Clear Vaseline Color. It may be the Crystal one but it sure looks lightly colored.

The 1980 – 1981 Viking Catalogs showed the Crystal Satin, Ruby, Yellow Satin, Crystal and Amber Oil Lamps on page 29.

The photo in the 1980 – 1981 Viking Catalogs showed these Oil Lamps half full with an Oil Fluid ready to light. These neat Oil Lamps have a very colorful utilitarian value but since we have very dependable electricity none of my Oil Lamps have ever been lit.

This was the last reference to these Oil Lamps in any Viking Catalogs.

You can see from this article that my Gallery is missing the Bluenique, Brown and Crystal Oil Lamps. Who knows what other color surprises might be out there. You can bet I was very surprised when I bought this combination shown below.

Viking Did Not Show The Oil Lamp Made in Persimmon!

This only goes to show you never know what you will find in Viking Art Glass. This photo on the Left is definitely the Oil Lamp with a Persimmon Bottom and a Ruby Globe. I do not know if it came from the factory this way or if it was 2 divorced pieces that were mated up. At any rate I consider this a very Scarce Oil Lamp.

I could sure use a Persimmon Globe for this Lamp!

This is the only mixed Oil Lamp I have seen but Viking shows other color combination glimmers in the 1980 - 1981 Viking Catalog. They have the #7932 diamond Point glimmer shown with a Crystal Satin Bottom and a Ruby Top. They did the same thing with the Georgian and Arlington Ruby Tops and Crystal Satin Bottoms.

Viking Catalogs never showed the Ruby Oil Lamp with a Satin Finish.

Pictured on the Right is another sleeper put out by Viking. I have never seen another Ruby Satin Oil Lamp! That does not mean this is the only one in existence, it just means, they were not shown in any of my Catalogs and were not advertised as an inventory item.

Conclusion: I have really no clue how many of these amazing little Oil Lamps were made. I feel they are few and far between as you can tell from my writing. If an item was in the Catalogs this short of time, and they are rarely seen, it has to tell us something. Like many other Viking items I am sure we are in for more surprises. In the meantime these Oil Lamps are a very prize possession of mine. Help me find the missing one! 2/1/2008

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