"Viking Glass - How Rare Is The Duck Covered Candy?"
by Preston Ver Meer

You are going to have to decide the answer too this question yourself. I am just going to add a little fuel to my thoughts that they are probably more Rare than we think.

I never worked or associated myself with the manufacture of Handmade Glass but I have been doing a lot of digging for the website. I have been able to associate myself with many people who were involved in the trade. I finally learned about a “Turn” a short production time for making Glass from a molten “Batch” of Glass. What I have learned is a turn usually last about 4 hours.

Believe me that is about all I know about it. I need help from some of you Glass Experts out there who are, or have had family, involved in the art of making Hand Made American Glass.

I would welcome an Article, written by one of you, to be place in our library of Articles.

What goes on during this “Turn” is what I don’t know. If a, “Batch”, about 2,000 pounds of Colored Glass is used per day then how many molds were used during each “Turn”? You can see I have tons of questions and this is why I think there are fewer Duck Covered Candy Dishes then we may realize.

The members can see that only 5 or 6 of these have come up "For Sale" on Ebay and the prices are all over the place. There are still opportunities to get these in your collection.

I don’t know how many times a mold gets pulled off the shelf, but, I do know the Duck Covered Candy Dish was only shown in a 1965 – 4 Page Catalog Supplement. There were 2 items in this 1965 Catalog Supplement that DID NOT get photographed for Dean Six “Viking Glass 1944-1970” book. One was the #1313 Duck Covered Candy Dish and the other was the #6921 -5 ounce “Georgian” Oil D.S. that was shown on the cover of the Catalog. I have a very large collection of “Georgian” and I have never seen the Oil Bottle.

Now back to the Duck Covered Candy Dish. The Duck Covered Candy Dish and the Georgian Oil Bottle were not in the 1964 or 1966 Viking Catalogs. I think only this Supplement went out. SO! We have to assume a very short production.

Maybe they only made it through one turn or part of one turn?

NOW! I am going to make another assumption. I have the Duck Covered Candy Dish in the Gallery in 4 colors, Bluenique, Amber, Persimmon and Avocado. I do not think a Ruby one was made, but who knows, I need to see one to believe it.

Here is my assumption. ALL of my Duck Covered Candy Dishes have Air Bubbles in the Ducks Body. Some of the Bubbles are large, look closely at the Persimmon one. This may have been the reason Viking did not continue to make them. They let some of them pass the grueling inspection, bubble or not, as long as the Bubble were not on the side or opened. Many probably did not make that grade and were destroyed. WOW! What a bunch of assuming!

As a member you can see that one or 2 of these in each color made it to Ebay in the past year or two. I consider Ebay a very large market and just because one or 2 items show up it does not mean they are common. Prices on these Duck Covered Candy Dishes are all over the place and I have seen them often over $200. BUT, I have only seen 2 at shows in my life of collecting Viking.

CONCLUSION! One more Viking item I think should be in our collections to add a complete set of RARE or at least scarce items! Any feedback from Glass Experts will be greatly appreciated.

If you go to the links below and look at the larger photo you can see some of the bubbles I wrote about.

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